How to Score Long Shots in FIFA 18

Here’s our FIFA expert Elis Chapman, with some tips on how to make sure those long shots fly in in FIFA 18.

There are two types of long shot in FIFA 18: “finesse” and “power shots”. They are both useful in different situations, and your selection will be dependant on your positioning.

All of the clips I used for the video above were using players from an 81-84 rating who have a higher margin of error than your elite 87+ rated players would have: that means you need to make sure you’re on their strongest foot and position yourself as best as possible. Also bear in mind that certain players will be more effective from distance depending on these key stats: “Long Shots”, “Composure” and “Positioning”.

The finesse option is best when you are at a 75 to 90-degree angle to the far post or if you’re slightly to the side of the post you are aiming at. A finesse is performed by holding your RB or R1 Button in conjunction with your shoot button, you’ll be aiming to use two and a half to three bars of power depending on your range. I suggest you try this out in the practice arena first to figure out the amount of power you will need in different situations.

The power longshot is useful in two situations, when you’re in-line or near aiming towards the front post or when you’re shooting across your body and across goal. You’ll be aiming for the top corners and will need two and a half to three bars of power depending on your range.

Anyway, watch the video for explanations of the above and some examples of how to put them into practice!

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