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Tommey on Team Reciprocity topping Pool D at CWL Fort Worth

Team Reciprocity shocked many Call of Duty fans on the opening day of CWL Fort Worth, topping the table in Pool D against OpTic Gaming, Team Envy, and eUnited. Moving into the Championship Bracket, they suffered a harsh 3-0 defeat to Enigma6 and dropped into the losers’ bracket.

Following the team’s 3-2 victory over UYU in the second losers’ round, we sat down with Thomas “Tommey” Trewren to discuss the changes to the event’s format and his squad’s performance so far.

How do you feel about the change to the format of the event, is it positive?

I think it’s good for us professionals but it’s a bit tough on the open bracket players, they grind all weekend and don’t even get to chance to play the top teams. Most of them that did make it against the professionals didn’t really earn or gain much from it so this now gives them a platform to earn money and sustain careers, so the changes have their ups and downs.

Were you expecting to top the ‘pool of death’?

We had the toughest pool, we had two of the top three from Vegas in our pool and then Team Envy who started to play well towards the end of their division in the Pro League. I felt confident and thought we could beat OpTic Gaming, I played them a lot on all of the other Call of Duty titles and won numerous times.

We thought eUnited would be our tougher game but we were confident against Team Envy. We threw a few choke maps in both of the series and it could have been cleaner than it was but we were happy to finish first.

What went wrong against Enigma6?

It was a pathetic performance as a team. We started well in the first map and was playing nice, and then from there it spiraled out of control. We started to play nervous and scared, causing a few mistakes. It was just a bad team performance, not on an individual level.

How did you prepare for the match against UYU following the loss?

We sat down as a team and spoke through everything, including rethinking our vetoes. From there, we worked through our small talk and teamwork that is needed to compete at any level and it showed. We still had misplays and we struggled to close it out with the Control, but we’re happy with the result and hopefully we can pull out a 3-0 over Gen.G.

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