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Fans angered over controversial match result at CWL London

London, and the UK in general, has some of the best fans when it comes to any spectator sport, and esports are no different.

At CWL London, we’ve heard a multitude of incredible chants and interesting scenes from the fans, and they weren’t afraid to let their feelings known when FaZe Clan suffered at the hands of a controversial ruling over their third map against Luminosity Gaming.

With the series tied at one map a piece, the Seaside Control went down to the wire, and ended with FaZe Clan securing the objective at the exact same time as Josiah “Slacked” Berry killed the remaining FaZe Clan players.

As you can see, it almost couldn’t have been tighter, and there was much confusion from fans, players and talent alike as the referees sought to establish what had happened and decide whether the game had been right in giving Luminosity Gaming the map win.

The screenshot below suggests that FaZe should have got the win – you can see the notification pop up to say that they had captured the point before Slacked had entered the zone.

Some have said FaZe should have been given the win, others feel it should have been a map replay, but you’d be hard-pushed to find someone who believes that was an LG win. As the fans made clear.

The rowdy fans were cheering for FaZe Clan and chanting both “F*** off LG” and “the referee’s a w*nker”. I won’t link the videos, but I’m sure a quick Twitter search will take you to what you want to see.

It has also come out since that something similar happened to LG yesterday and they got the loss – so at least there’s some consistency. However, this is something they will have to address going forward, especially if it is not a one–time occurrence.

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