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OpTic Crimsix at CWL Fort Worth: “I think right now we’re overthinking things”

CWL Fort Worth has proven itself to be as wide open as can be, with favourites OpTic Gaming falling into the losers’ bracket straight from the group stage. After tough losses to Team Reciprocity and Team Envy, we spoke to Ian “Crimsix” Porter about his team’s performance, the changes made to the event, and the inclusion of franchising.

CWL has made changes to the event format to split professional teams from the amateurs, do you think this is a positive move?

Yeah, I think it’s positive, I just think it’s weird having four teams in a pool – a lot of tiebreakers are going to happen. Other than that, it’s just one less match for us and I think Saturdays on the old format was kind of bad and now, if you’re in winners you play two matches automatically.

It’s kind of weird going from the previous events with 3-4 matches on Friday, then one open bracket team, and then a really hard Winners Round 1. Saturday was always a weird day for everyone and now it’s not, so that’s good.

What was your reaction when you saw your pool for the event?

It’s definitely the toughest pool out of all of them, by far. Team Reciprocity just kind of surprised everyone and I think we choked the Team Envy series.

Do you feel better about your performance now?

Yeah, for sure. I think right now we’re overthinking things and the moment we start just playing our game and taking team fights, we’ll be a lot better. We’ve been really good in Control at this event but not Hardpoint so once we get that down, we’ll be good.

If you were to make it to the grand finals, which team would you expect to meet there?

I don’t care, we’ll play anyone.

In that case, who do you think is the best team here other than yourselves?

I mean, I’m giving no props to any other team. I don’t think about that at all, I just focus on my team.

What do you think about the introduction of franchising to Call of Duty?

The players don’t know any of the details. If it’s at the Overwatch League studio in LA then I’ll be really happy, a lot of the players don’t like going to Columbus so if that changes, everybody’s going to love it. In terms of how contracts and teams are concerned, nobody has any idea yet about anything – including what spots are up for the taking – so it’s really hard to judge.

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