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Chino on beating Team Reciprocity, joining Enigma6 at CWL Fort Worth

Enigma6 didn’t blow any minds with their performances throughout the Pro League but they’re showing up in a big way at CWL Fort Worth. Placing above 100 Thieves and eUnited in Pool B of the group stage, it’s possible that the addition of Martin “Chino” Chino on March 9 has helped propel the team into the next level.

After their 3-0 sweep of Team Reciprocity in Round 2 of the Championship Bracket, we spoke to Chino himself about his short time on the roster (so far), their performance in Fort Worth, and the changes made to the event’s structure.

What do you think of the changes to the format with the split between the professional and open teams?

It’s a little different at first, I’m used to watching the open bracket and seeing who’s going to end up in our pool. It’s weird now because I feel like I’m not watching as much Call of Duty as I usually do, but overall I think it’s ran better for everybody and nobody’s on a huge time crunch. I do miss the underdog stories of teams coming through from the open bracket, though.

Does it make it easier for professional teams not having to prepare for open teams, instead only playing teams you’re more familiar with?

I think it makes it a lot easier, a lot of the time when the amateurs came through open bracket they often wouldn’t be as good as the professionals so you wouldn’t have to prepare too much. It’s definitely easier for us now because you know who you’re going up against all the time.

When you joined Enigma6, what were your thoughts on the group you were in?

I was just happy to be on the team honestly, I didn’t even know who was in our group. I was pleased to have joined the team and I knew we’d be ready for anybody we’d have to play if we practice and play well.

How do you think you’ve fit in to the team so far considering you haven’t had a lot of time to play with together?

I feel like I gelled with the team right away. I was the player they needed, an AR player that’s confident in himself and can always make big plays. Things went well right away.

You just beat Team Reciprocity 3-0 and they looked really strong in the group stage. Did you just outclass them or were they off their game a bit?

I don;’t know, they’re a really good team and we practice with them the most online – usually it’s always really close. Even in this series, they were close games. The fact we won 3-0 was a little surprising to me but I knew we’d eventually get a 3-0.

If you were to make it to the grand finals, which team do you think you’d be facing off against?

I think we’d be most likely to play against Splyce if we made it to the grand finals, they’re looking really good in their side of the bracket and I could expect to see them in the grand finals if they keep playing as good as they have been so far.

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