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CoD: The Resurrection of Methodz

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To the long-time Call of Duty esports fans, Anthony “Methodz” Zinni is a well-known figure in the scene. Dating back to Modern Warfare 3, Methodz was a prominent player who flirted with top placements in the early days of Call of Duty esports. Now, he plays alongside the men who have dominated the esport in recent years.

In Black Ops 2, Zinni was an energetic adolescent who found himself playing alongside notable players such as OpTic’s Marcus “Mboze” Blanks and even his personal idol, Modern Warfare 2 National Champion Tosh “Stainville” McGruder.

Zinni represented some of the game’s most well-known teams, including SoaR Gaming, as well as being on one of the first members of the fledgling FaZe Clan competitive Call of Duty roster. A fast, in-your-face SMG specialist, Methodz got under the skin of other competitors with his great skill and situational plays.

Methods Faze
Methodz in his FaZe days

Methodz finished the Black Ops II cycle with a second-place finish, his highest of the season at UMG Dallas in a close loss to VanQuish Gaming, and looked promising going in to Call of Duty: Ghosts.

However, what really drew Zinni in to the affection of the fans was his persona outside the game. He was lively, entertaining and an infectious personality that resonated with the ever-growing fan base at an integral time for Call of Duty esports. Zinni was a natural on-camera, and going into Call of Duty: Ghosts he fulfilled fan’s desires to see him on-screen more, posting engaging content to his YouTube channel, where he was often found mocking notable people in the scene such as Censor and his dietary habits, Keemstar’s drama alert and frequent appearances on MLG’s now-defunct Esports Report.

In Ghosts, Methodz was a hot prospect that the top teams had their eyes on. But throughout the year his placings did not reflect his true talent and potential. He represented multiple teams throughout the year and his highest tournament placing was sixth at UGC Niagara under Strictly Business. Though impressive, placing this high was not to become a common occurrence, and Methodz soon found himself regularly placing top 24, which was not where he was expected to be just a year prior. Though he remained a fan-favourite, Methodz soon slowed down on his professional gaming aspirations and, in Advanced Warfare, only played at one LAN tournament.

It seemed wrong that a once-valuable prospect and legitimate fan-favourite was seemingly bowing out of the Call of Duty esports scene with no fight. Throughout Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare, Methodz often attended LANs, but rarely placed above T32, scraping in to Championship tournaments but never quite making an impact.

Then, Call of Duty: World War II was released.

Methodz opened the year teaming with Censor, Ricky and Nagafen – a team of outcasts looking to revitalise their Call of Duty careers and see success again. And so far, he is succeeding and surpassing everybody’s expectations.

Methodz helped his team, Next Threat, make it through CWL Dallas’ brutal open bracket and eventually placing top 16 after a tight defeat to Team EnVyUs. However, Methodz performed to a level that nobody expected, finishing the event with a 1.14 KD and an extraordinary display of AR prowess matching those who have been playing at the top level for years.

Methodz with Rise Gaming
Methodz with Rise Gaming

Methodz only seems to be getting better, recording a 1.30 KD at CWL Northern Arena and, just this weekend, a 1.35 at the CWL New Orleans Open with his new team Rise Nation as well as showing why he is such a desirable teammate through his incredible objective work across the weekend. Rise unfortunately finished in third place, just missing out on a grand final appearance and what could have been an MVP-crowning tournament for Methodz.

When I reached out to Methodz, he gave me this brutally honest appraisal of his career:

“I really just stopped making excuses. Everything that went wrong these past few years, I was kind of always blaming everybody but myself. This year I was determined to shut my mouth and get to work. Hopefully I can help be some sort of motivation for up and coming players or players who are trying to climb back to the top like I have. I just want them to know It’s possible.”

Once again, Methodz finds himself a fan-favourite, and now he’s getting recognition for the ability he always had. He will be eyeing up the Pro League, the World Championship and hoping to firmly assert himself into the list of all-time greats to have touched the franchise.

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