GINX eSports TV is a UK-based international media company, dedicated to the creation of video gaming and eSports TV channels around the world, as well as individual shows and formats for syndication aimed at people who love to play video games.

Our stand-alone shows and formats offer uniquely individual opportunities to enrich and expand what channels can offer their viewers. Each show is crammed with content, giving viewers a unique window to the games of the world. All shows are available in SD and HD.

A Word from the CEO:

On the one hand it would seem Television and eSports are living in two parallel universes. Yet on the other television is seeking to become more relevant and eSports are becoming more and more prominent and successful.  Add to this the relentless march of new devices on which to play games (smartphones and tablets most notably) and the incessant flow of ever more ingenious new game releases for those new platforms and for the existing console behemoths and it is only natural that eSports has become a massively mainstream leisure activity and a major passion point of people the world over. Yet this passion has been totally underserved by television.

Until now. Ginx TV is the world’s only international TV channel dedicated to videogames and eSports. Our eclectic mix of shows bring you highlights from the world’s biggest eSports events and entertainment shows. Gamers are ultra-consumers: early adopters of new technology, heavy users of broadband, more interested in HD and natural-born multi-screeners. For cable, satellite and IPTV platforms GINX eSports TV helps to satisfy the growing need amongst your customer base for a channel to aid discovery in this massive entertainment segment”.

Michiel Bakker

The GINX eSports TV channel is currently available in 10 languages across over 41 territories. It offers viewers round the clock access to entertaining shows and eSports event, all delivered with expertise and a sense of humour. GINX eSports TV is available in Standard Definition as well as High Definition and can be fully localised to cater for individual markets.

We’re always looking for interesting people to work with. If that sounds like your cup of tea, or if you reckon you can beat us at your favourite game and demonstrate your talents, drop us a line explaining why you would like to work with us along with a copy of your CV or video reel , addressed to:


Michiel Bakker



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Financial Controller


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IT Manager


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