Michiel Bakker


Michiel is the “guvner”, he who must be obeyed and the king of the Brompton bike. Michiel is to blame for MTV being absolutely everywhere and doing the same with Ginx! Michiel’s pastimes include moaning about the British weather (he’s from the Netherlands … what has he got to moan about) and wishing he had a real man’s car!

Damian Clements


Damian ensures we all get paid and keeps the debt collectors at bay. When he’s not hiding money (and bodies) under the carpet he likes to spend time on our balcony contemplating what the production team have spent the rent on.

James Neal

Creative Director

James (aka The Warden) turns up in the morning hurls abuse at the producers and then goes home! James drives a real man’s car!

Tony Wawryk

VP of Affiliate Sales

Tony is in charge of finding lovely people who like to give us money for our channel. No one here knows what Tony looks like because he is constantly flying around the world looking for deals! He has phoned the office a couple of times and from the sound of his voice and his direct management style we have deduced he is from the north.

Adam Mason


Adam looks after The Blurb and is currently under investigation for crimes against humanity. When Adam isn’t worrying about the delivery of game code you can find him crying in the Ginx toilet. Adam has a man crush on Nathan Drake from Uncharted and wishes he was old enough to actually remember the 80’s

Chris Bond

Senior Staff Writer & Segment Producer

Chris likes nothing better than spending the entire day as his alter ego Christopher Walken. When he is not re-enacting scenes from Deer Hunter and Pulp Fiction he actually likes to write about computer games. However Chris refuses to play any AAA titles and insists that all games delivered to Ginx are specially ported to SNES.

Céline Combelles

Affiliate Marketing Manager

Céline is our resident Frenchie who wants the whole world to talk about GINX and aims to reach level 99 in compatibility with our business partners. She loves nothing more than well-constructed and original game characters with cool powers and can drive anyone to insanity by talking about the lack of diversity in RPG combat systems. Special abilities: dubious sense of humour, can eat anything.

Luke Butler

Digital Media Manager

Luke looks after all our social media  and is also our resident psychopath shield. He has the lovely job of ensuring the nutters don’t find us, chop us up into tiny pieces and leave our remains in jars. We don’t think Luke is going to last long in this job … probably best we don’t get too close to him! 

Andrew Quinn

Presentation Manager

Quinny is broadcasting legend and mean Super Street Fighter player. When Quinny isn’t keeping Ginx on-air he happily tours the London Transport System looking for congestion!

Matti Butt

Head of IT

Matti is a technical genius who keeps Ginx on-air. He also spends his spare time repairing Pakistani / Indian relations and perfecting his silky negotiation skills with our suppliers.

Luke Crockett

Head of Post-Production

Luke is a Ginx stalwart, the backbone of the company and a real trooper. He’s also one step away from having an “episode” and embarking on a murderous killing spree around the office. In his spare time he likes to whittle wood and count his ammunition.