Milestone games. Purveyors of motorsport games that do nothing spectacular, but nothing wrong either. Perhaps that’s a worse indictment than making a bad game, but never the less; they have hoovered up the licenses for various motorsports over the years, most notably the world rally. This is the first full console Moto GP game for a couple of years. Whilst they used to be great games in years gone by, will the hiatus be a help or hindrance?

It seems the release of SBK Generations may have spurred Milestone in to rebooting the Moto GP series, and on first impressions they have been really successful. Moto GP for a start should be the motorbike racing game fans want to buy. Moto GP is the formula one of two wheeled racing. Unlike superbikes which are essentially race versions of real bikes you can buy, Moto GP bikes are bespoke racing machines. Much like the difference between Formula one and touring cars. Controlling a bike is also something which doesn’t come innate to the majority of gamers. It’s imperative that the developers get the bike control perfect then. It has to have a learning curve and Moto GP 13 does this really well.

This doesn’t mean it’s crazily easy to begin with and then the other bikes get faster, Moto GP 13 is a hard game. Getting the turn in just right though and sticking to the racing line is incredibly satisfying. The different options available to assist you as well give the game huge flexibility to tailor it to your standard. Simply having the braking for both wheels rather than independent for example, not only shows Milestone know how to design a good game, but also an understanding of the sport they are trying to reproduce.


Graphically the game has moments of real beauty, but unfortunately the sparse environments and a few rough textures, take the shine of a game that feels like it just has unrealised potential graphically. Milestone use a particular visual style that looks like it’s just a very high resolution playstation 2 game, rather than the smooth textures and motion blur employed by current gen games. Yet again, not bad, but not great either.

Moving on to the game modes and where you’ll spend most your time is the career mode. This isn’t going to change the world, but they have put genuine thought into how they are going to execute what is now the standard single player mode in racing games. It is the same story of creating a rider and working your way up the fully licensed ranks of the Moto 3 and Moto 2 before getting to the Moto GP. There is a huge difference between the light and forgiving Moto 3 bikes and the deep, loud uber powerful Moto GP bikes, and this really immerses you in the world. It can become a little monotonous as you plug through a 19 round championship, but hardcore Moto GP fans and newcomers alike will really enjoy this mode. 

There isn’t much in the way of multiplayer, however being able to race online in a single grand prix or whole championships just adds to the all around solid package that Moto GP 13 is.

And that is the real story about Moto GP 13. It is solid. Its modes and simulation have been picked and balanced almost to perfection, without ever being ambitious. And while Milestone continues their habit of being able to sap the character out of any racing game, what remains underneath is a challenging, fun and satisfying Moto GP game. The career mode is definitely the big highlight, and with DLC already being released for the game including new bikes from seasons gone by, Moto GP 13 is great for both hardcore fans and casual players alike.

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  • Developer: Milestone S.R.L
    Publisher: Milestone S.R.L
    Release Date: 21/6/13