Ginx TV


Neil Cole


Neil is a consummate professional … which begs the question why is he at Ginx? In his spare time he drives fast cars, engages in industrial espionage and organises coups in third world countries … basically a fun guy!

Adam Savage

Planet of the Apps & The First Hour

Savage is the presenter of Planet of the Apps and First Hour. Adam is the only person at Ginx that actually looks like they workout and looks after their appearance. Unfortunately this means he parades around the office showing off his “guns”! Adam is massive fan of Disney and cites Mary Poppins and Snow White as his all-time unforgettable favourites!

Anthony Richardson


Ant is comedy gold … which is why we keep him in the attic and only let him out to use the bathroom. In between his cries for food and water we let him present Gamesport and special features on the Blurb.